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Date Published - 2014-06-01 Author - Kristal Bailey

Tarot Cards Online

Although tarot cards were first invented for use as playing cards for card games they are today used almost always for divination or fortune telling. The advent of the internet and the ability of websites to incorporate sophisticated graphics and programming has allowed the creation of many hundreds of websites which will produce a tarot card reading for anyone who merely accesses the site.

Tarot cards are seen by ordinary people as having some mystical or esoteric power, but in fact they are simply the tools of the person conducting the reading. It is by the reader shuffling the cards while being psychically attuned to your thoughts and fears that places the cards in a peculiar sequence which permits an accurate reading. In this sense, presuming you believe in such things, the reader and the subject of the reading become psychically bonded. That is obviously an interactive process which requires contact between the reader and the subject.

Naturally when you attempt to get a tarot reading from a website you are interacting with a computer program residing on a server probably half a continent away from the psychic who has paid a web developer to design and program it. For the reading to be accurate you have to understand and believe that your own psychic energies can influence the programmed random number generator which is tasked with digitally shuffling the numbers which represent the individual virtual cards of the tarot.

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As the subject, your sole input is usually to define the question you want answered and to press a virtual button to start the process. The computer program on the server then randomises the numbers and selects the associated images to represent the individual cards which are then presented for view on your computer screen. The generic meanings of those selected cards are then read from a database and displayed on the screen as a reading.

A moments thought should convince anyone that such a reading cannot be accurate or meaningful. As a test repeat the website reading a few times during one day. Just note the first reading and perhaps an hour or two later go back to the same website and repeat it. Note that reading and later do the same thing again. To be fair we cannot expect the three readings to be absolutely identical, but the indications provided by each reading should at least be similar. Are they?

Usually in our experience they are not even close to similar.

It is a sad fact of modern life that we all face many questions and harbour many insecurities. Is my partner in my new relationship going to work out? Will my impending marriage be happy and successful? Am I going to lose my job? Will my upcoming surgery work out? Is my best friend stabbing me in the back? Sometimes we seek reassurance and an experienced tarot card reader should be able to give appropriate guidance which allows us to make calm and rational decisions. Unfortunately this only comes about when the reading is conducted face to face. We believe you are wasting your time if you seek to learn your future from an online internet tarot reading.

Date Published - 2014-06-01 Author - Kristal Bailey


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